Patient Privacy

When you have a medical problem, it's important that your doctor has all the information needed to reach the very best decisions about your diagnosis and treatment.  You also want to make the most effective use of the time available during your visit to the doctor.

PatientCenter is just what the doctor ordered.  After telling us your medical problem, and then answering questions related to your symptoms, a summarized report will be displayed. You can easily print this report, and a copy will be securely sent  to your doctor. 

PatientCenter enables you to make sure that all your relevant symptoms are recorded - in a format that can be easily reviewed by your doctor and then inserted into your medical record. Your doctor will then have more time during your visit to discuss your problem with you.

There's nothing more important than your health.  This enables you to become an active partner in helping your doctor provide the most comprehensive healthcare. The time you take now is perhaps the most valuable time you can spend to assure a successful visit with your doctor.
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